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Thank you – 2010/11 edition

As the season draws to a close, time for the normal thank you messages.

Thanks to the Pure DFC sponsors Evridge Engineering, All About Image, Target Office Products and 24 Hour Crayford Cars for their sponsorship over the past season. Hopefully they have received some patronage from this sponsorship – they’ve certainly helped us to sponsor kit of three players, two DFCSA race nights and the club’s Community Scheme with their sponsorship.

Thanks to Paul Philpot (Houdini), Steve Price (Keith Lard), Tony Jaglo (Delboy) and Mike Green for their assistance on the live commentary this year – it’s never going to be professional commentary, but I hope it has filled a gap for people unable to make home matches. The club must also be thanked for allowing us to spew our rubbish out from the half-way line.

Thanks to Ray Cherry (Sonytino), Adam Bordley (Hummer Kid) and Dave Adkins (Eagle 88) for their videos and photos of the matches – they also make for good viewing for those unable to make matches (as well as some of us who do!)

Thanks to Stuart Maidment (Disco Stu) for his irrelevant/pointless stats (!) and his previews which go on the main site before every match.

Thanks must also go to Tony Burman for allowing myself and Adam to film/record his post-match interviews – whether you agree, or disagree with what has been said, we’d all be lost without it.

And a final thanks (I’m sure I’ve left someone out, as I normally do, so please forgive me if you are one of them) to all of you who have contributed in some way on here, be it Elite Club, or be it posting nonsense/knowledge and all that. Without you guys, we don’t have a forum


Test post

Hi, and welcome to the new Pure DFC site – hopefully there will be some content such as news from the club, history articles, stats, Leach/Towersey Memorial Shield updates and other articles throughout the year.