Stats and Trends – 11th July 2011

On This Day

Dartford FC have only ever played on the 11th July once, and that was in a 7-2 defeat against Norwich City back in 2009. The Dartford goalscorers on this day were James White and current holder of the Leach/Towersey Memorial Shield, Lee Noble.


– Dartford have scored in every match in their history against Southend United – winning twice and drawing once.

– The Darts have also conceded in all matches bar one – last year’s pre-season 2-0 victory (16th July 2010)

Ex Darts at Southend


Records v Southend United

Played 3, Won 2, Drawn 1, Lost 0, For 7, Against 2

Records v Southend United Reserves

Played 2, Won 1, Drawn 0, Lost 1, For 5, Against 5

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