The Pure DFC Punter – 12th November 2011

I’m sure there’s never been a more pleasing losing bet than last weekend. The Darts travelled down to Salisbury City and took all three points. As a correction, Salisbury City had only lost once all season (they won in the FA Cup, contrary to what was previously written) so the bet could have potentially been bigger. None-the-less, we move on to Saturday.

Current state of play

+8.19 units

Dartford kicked off their season with a 4-0 away victory to Weston-Super-Mare back in August (seems a long time ago, doesn’t it?), but since that point, WSM have improved (bar a blip in the last few weeks). One thing is for sure though – there’ll be no bet on this match from us.

Bets of the match:

Dartford will want to get back into their stride at home, and unfortunately, at 2/5, there just simply isn’t any value in it.

No bet.

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