Elite Club

The Pure DFC Elite costs £5.00 per year, which is totally voluntary. There is no obligation to join up, but of course, it’d be much appreciated.

For your £5, you get:
A customised picture by the side of your forum name (an avatar), Elite Club member below your username, your name on the Pure DFC website, entry into a prize draw to win the number 9 shirt from 2011/12 season, signed by Jacob Erskine, and the opportunity to purchase an exclusive Pure DFC Elite Club polo-shirt (subject to Coney being willing to do another subscription run!!!).

Your £5 will go towards:
Paying for Pure DFC’s site running costs (hosting and the domain), paying for the Leach/Towersey Memorial Shield’s engraving at the end of each season and an individual memento for the winning player to keep, paying for all equipment needed to provide text and audio updates plus additional services on the site (podcast, possible video entries and old documents such as the old handbooks).

There is no profit made by Pure DFC as any funds left over will go to the club in some way for the forthcoming season (in 2011/12, Pure DFC sponsored Charlie Sheringham/Jacob Erskine as well as the Dartford FC Community Scheme, and a Dartford Football Club Supporters Association Race Night racecard).

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